MSV Go Max - 40' Set

MSV Go Max - 40' Set | Strings

MSV Go Max - 40' Set

MSRP: $10.90

Colors: Black

Gauges: 1.20mm, 1.25mm

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Tennis Express


  • Ideal for players looking for an excellent balance between control and power combined with exceptional feel.
  • Tested and recommended by independent tennis coaches. Overall rating: 9 points (10-point scale).
  • Conclusion of an US Racquet Stringers Association playtest in October 2016 (59 playtesters): ‘Our playtesters were most impressed by MSV Go Max’s durability, resistance to movement, control and spin potential, rating it well above average in each of those categories.’
  • Engineered and made in Germany in one of the most modern production facilities. Made from high quality co-polyester with newly developed additives.