MSV Soft Control - 40' Sets

MSV Soft Control - 40' Sets | Strings

MSV Soft Control - 40' Sets

MSRP: $13.90

Colors: Natural

Gauges: 1.25mm, 1.30mm

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Guts & Glory


  • Ideal for players looking for a well-balance, multifil string which is arm-friendly and provides good control.
  • 1330 filaments made of High-Modulus Polyamide 66 provide great touch and comfort.
  • 3 pieces of polyamide co-polymer monofilament - placed directly beneath the coating – for improved control and precision.
  • #1 in value for money tested by tennisMAGAZIN (07/2010). Conclusion: ‘Well-balanced and arm-friendly.’ Overall rating: GOOD.
  • Rating of 33 play-testers of (Oct. 2016): ‘comfortable, soft, lively, crispy.’