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Establishing the string bed tension and monitoring its subsequent loss of tension is important to both Racquet Service Technicians and Players.

There are various devices both mechanical and electronic on the market for doing this, from the facility in racquet diagnostic centres to hand held mechanical spring devices that can be carried in a Players tennis bag.

The Mini STT from Mauve Sports-MSV is a small battery powered electronic device which does this job very well and economically. It can be carried very conveniently in a tennis bag pocket provided it has some protection against knocks and bumps.

For the Racquet Service Technician a check immediately after a re-string will give an indication of the accuracy of the completed job that can be recorded. Such a record will enable subsequent re-strings to be checked against it. The Racquet technician will thus be able to ensure a consistent service.

For the Player an initial string bed tension figure can be measured and recorded and compared with periodic checks after the racquet has been used in play or even after it has been stored. Strings loose tension all the time even when the racquet is not in use. A 20% reduction in string bed tension compared with that recorded immediately after stringing is perhaps a good time to re-string. It is however of course Players Choice.

Some important points to remember about string bed testers are:

  • They do not record a figure that is directly comparable with the stringing machine Reference tension.
  • Not all string bed testers have the facility to set, the racquet head size, string pattern or the type & material of string being used. Albeit that some have such characteristics taken into consideration.
  • Hence it is very important to read the manufacturers instructions very carefully so you understand just what is actually being measured and what UNITS the figures are in.

If you use the stringbed tester as a COMPARISON INDICATOR. That is, something that allows you to compare the state of the stringbed when you first measure it to the figure you get on subsequent checks. Then it is a very useful tool. The first check should ideally be immediately measured after the technician has completed the stringing. This figure can be compared with any previous re-strings provided the string type and material, reference tension and of course the racquet are the same each time. A change in any of these conditions will affect the figures.

Just measure the tension with the MSV MINISTT when you have restrung your racket. The MSV MINI STT will memorize the measured figure. If you measure again after - letís say 5 hours Ė you get the actual tension. Then you can compare this figure with the memorized figure by pressing the MEMO button. If the difference is more than 2 kilopond you might consider to restring your racket. 2 kilopond less translates into 2 meter deeper shots.

How does the MSV MINISTT work? You clip the MSV MINISTT on the string bed. By touching the frame of your racket with your fingers the string bed starts swinging. The resonant frequency will be translated into the exact tension displayed digitally in kilopond (which equals to kilograms). Measuring range from 15 to 35 kp (kg). / 37 lb. to 77 lb.

The MSV MINISTT is a must for all Racquet Service Technicians and ambitious tennis players.

2 button-cell-batteries (1.5 Volt) deliver about 4,000 measurements or cover a 16 months period.

Seize: 50x60x35 mm, incl. 2 x 1.5 V batteries